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Special Update:
GRHS Athletic Hall of Fame link:

The "Career" page of this web site contains a wealth of useful information.  Please help support fellow Glen Rockers listed here by utilizing their talents and services.  Feel free to contact them for valuable advice they can provide you.  Click on the green to e-mail them, and click on the red to see their corporate web site.

The "College" page of this web site lists the Colleges alphabetically that Glen Rock High School Alumni have attended along with the students' e-mail links.  Feel free to ask them how they enjoyed their college experience.

The "Reunion" page of this web site should be an enormous help in organizing our reunions.  Please e-mail us to post information here at

On the individual year pages, you will find an alphabetical listing of classmates along with their e-mail addresses.  If their name is highlighted in green, then you can click to e-mail them.  If it is highlighted in blue, that means we have been unable to locate them.  Please let us know if you can help us locate them, or have them contact us at

There is a wonderful group of people that compose each class, and as the years pass it becomes increasingly difficult for people to stay in touch with each other. 
NOTE: Each class is not limited to those who happened to graduate with us.  It includes all those who would have been in our graduating year.

Please let us know your e-mail address(es) and web site(s) at

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Blue=Please help us find them.

Green=e-mail address (Click on these names to e-mail them.)

Italic=In memory of classmates reported as deceased.
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Leslie (Alphen) Picard
Deborah Alport
Donna (Amantia) Corsini
Margaret Amos
Marie Aruta
John Aversa
Suzanne (Baldasaro) Striefler  (career link)
Lori Bandazian
Donna Barker
William Bergen
Jonathan Bishop
Kathryn Blackwood  (career link)
Karen (Bloom) Meller  (career link)
Jonathan Bodi
David Bookbinder  (career link)
Raymond Brindley
Cynthia Brower
Sharon Bull
in memory of Kevin Cagney
Carolyn Cain
Cheryl (Cannan) Kurland
Donna Capilli
Marilyn Carter
Heidi (Cedfelt-Tyrcha) Huth
Kristin Cheshire
Soo-Kwon Chung
Michael Ciarmella
Mary Clark
Sari Clement
Alice Coleman
Franck Combs
Juliette Combs  (career link)
Maria Comunale
Karen Convery
Sandi (Coote) Trombino
Timothy Cregeen
Milena Cvijanovich
Janet Czachorowski
Robert Dafter
Christopher Davey
Michael Debbas
Kenneth Dedian
John Depalma
Uday Desai
James Di Ferdinando
Andrew Docktor
Matthew Donner
Catherine Donohue
Brian Doolan (career link)
Amy (Doyle) MacPherson  (career link)
Cindy (Dubin) Cohen
Lynda Duvall
Alice Escolano
Mindy (Feinberg) Liebowitz
Allison Finn
Michael Fischer
Jeffrey Fitter
Jeanne (Fitzpatrick) Bovenkerk
Thomas Flynn
Robert Fusco
Anthony Gardner
Stephen Gardner
Seth Garfinkel  (career link)
James Garofalo
Paul Geluso
A. Scott Gensch
Karen Gerhold
Courtney Gilligan
Susan (Gilligan) Hannon
John Ginty
Susan Goldhill
James Greco
Lauren (Green) Abrams
Charles Greenhaus
Rachel Griffin
Miguel Guerra
Lawrence Haber
Donald Hailer, Jr.
Kareen Hall
Tracy Hassan
Thomas Hemrick
Barbara Henry  (career link)
Charles Hickling
Richard Hickling
Joshua Hoffman
Ellen (Horn) Blumen
Thomas Irwin
Dierdre James  (career link)
Theresa (Johnson) Cole  (career link)
Lisa (Jones) Rinbrand
Mona Jones
Lisa Jost
Thomas Junkin
Jeffrey Kahan
Amy Kang
James King
Susan (Knop) Barile  (career link)
Susan (Knop) Barile (business)
Steven Kopelman  (career link)
Carol Krantz
Stephen Krupey
Francis Lang
Jeanne Lavin
Monique Lemieux
Chrissa Lieberman
Gary Lieberman
Mitchell Lieberman
Joanne Linder
Lori Littlehales
James Lobsenz
Joseph Lucca
Linda (Mainardi) Loken
Linda (Mainardi) Loken
Teresa Marino
Sonya Mattila
Cheryl Maurillo
Kevin McEvilly
James McMahon
in memory of Susan Mikos
Preston Mims
Catherine Morgan
Melissa (Mountain) Rosa
Andrew Muenz
Musa Muller
Brian Murphy
Stuart Nash
Kevin Noonan
Joan Nothofer
Patrick O'Connor
Margaret O'Kane
Lisa (Oliver) Monaghan
Robert O'Shea
Smita Patel
Sheila Pitchumoni
John Policano
Roger Porter
John Raible
Daniel Ramirez
Gregory Reinholt
in memory of Martha (Reiser) Klopchin
Jana Remnick
Terri (Rich) Neville
Lisa Rinbrand
Neil Ringstad
Eleanor Risi
Brenda Ritter
David Rosenstein
Pamela (Ross) Davies
Erin (Ryan) Farissier
Howard Ryan
Erika (Salamon) Lupo  (career link)  (career link 2)
Raymond Savoie
Mary (Schlesinger) Wilson
Letitia (Schwarz) Velazquez
Connie Sharar 
(career link)
Anne Sherwood
Jill Siegler
Raul Sloezen
Jonathan Soderlund
Lisa (Sonderburg) Kapoian
Charles Sosnicki
Daniel Steinmark
Susan Swiderski
Christine Taenzer
Stacy Thornwall-Rogers
Lauren (Trugman) Stadtlander  (career link)
Michael Turanchik
Lisa Tynan
Kelly Van Heest
Thomas Vandor  (career link)
in memory of Louis Walden
Sharon Weiss
Elizabeth (White) Welch
Michael White
Alison Williams
William Wunder
Eun Yoo
Matthew Young
Christine Zabawa
Jeffrey Zeiler
Walter Zelop
Andrew Zolper

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