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The "Career" page of this web site contains a wealth of useful information.  Please help support fellow Glen Rockers listed here by utilizing their talents and services.  Feel free to contact them for valuable advice they can provide you.  Click on the green to e-mail them, and click on the red to see their corporate web site.

The "College" page of this web site lists the Colleges alphabetically that Glen Rock High School Alumni have attended along with the students' e-mail links.  Feel free to ask them how they enjoyed their college experience.

The "Reunion" page of this web site should be an enormous help in organizing our reunions.  Please e-mail us to post information here at

On the individual year pages, you will find an alphabetical listing of classmates along with their e-mail addresses.  If their name is highlighted in green, then you can click to e-mail them.  If it is highlighted in blue, that means we have been unable to locate them.  Please let us know if you can help us locate them, or have them contact us at

There is a wonderful group of people that compose each class, and as the years pass it becomes increasingly difficult for people to stay in touch with each other. 
NOTE: Each class is not limited to those who happened to graduate with us.  It includes all those who would have been in our graduating year.

Please let us know your e-mail address(es) and web site(s) at

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Blue=Please help us find them.

Green=e-mail address (Click on these names to e-mail them.)

Italic=In memory of classmates reported as deceased.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Our Class's own website)

Thomas Aitken, Jr.
George Albrecht
Frank Aleksa
Linda Allen
Jean Anderson
Nancy Archbold
Sandra Atkinson
Paul Avakian
William Babbitt
Richard Barley
Colleen Bartel
Barbara Barth
William Bartow
in memory of Edmund Bauernfeind
in memory of Joseph Beck
Suzanne Bennett
C Wesley Bensen III
Edward Betts
in memory of Wayne Bonhag
Bruce Bovenizer
James Boynton
Bruce Brackett
Linda (Brasier) Babish
Barbara Brent
in memory of David Brooks
Paul Brown
James Burhouse
William Cadmus
Peter Cake
Marilyn Caldara
Kathleen Cappiello
Lois (Carroll) McCarthy
Nancy Chapman
Doreen Collins
Mary Craig
in memory of John Crikelair
Elizabeth Cronin
Jean Currier
Allen Daly
William Daly
Stephen Davis
Bonnie (Decker) Kromka
Christina D'Elia
Diane (Demetropoulos) Stern
Catherine Devlin
Ruthann Di Bartolo
Thomas Dickerson
Linda Dow
Dorothy Earl
Wendy (Emes) Shupp
Bruce Emra
in memory of Robert Erker
Paul Esser
Linda (Evans) Addeo  (career link)
Wylie Evans
Norma Falk
Carol (Fisch) McKenna
Susan Fleming
Stephanie Fowler
Donna (Frazer) Nickleson
Ellen Fuller
Alan Furler
Enid Galliers
Arlene Garber
Arthur Generas
M Elaine (Giglio) Portman
Carol Gossart
Lawrence Gsell
in memory of Barbara Hagenzieker
Joanne Hall
Cheryl Hartford
Barbara Hauser
James Heinly
Douglas Hemmert
Jasper Hicks
in memory of Gloria (Holley) Crawford
Peter Holzer
Robert Hoogs  (career link)
Robert Hoogs (business)
Kathleen Hoyles
Kenneth Hrasdzira
Jane (Inzerillo) Culhane
Shedrick James III
Thomas Janicke
Nelson Johnson  (career link)
Paul Johnston
Patricia Jones
Ann Judd
Marie Kane
Raymond Kirsten
Andrea (Knecht) Salvin
Everett Kreider
Julie (Krinsky) Grimaldi
John Kuerzler
Justin Labarbera, Jr.
David Lamken, PhD
Richard Lampe
Anita Langele
Lynn Larsen
James Leary
in memory of Arnold Lichtenheim
Gregory Lillo
Linda MacDonald
Charles Mahone, Jr.
Christie Marshall
Barbara McDonald
in memory of Linda (McDonald) Burgess
Jack McGuill
Sharon (McMahan) Stirtz
Donna McSweeney
Susan Meeker
Richard Mellin
Charles Meyer
Robert Meyerson (career link)
Marcy Mikus
Mary Mitchell
Wayne Monken
Molly Morck
Donald Muenstermann
Gail (Murphy) Harding
Judith Musser
Karen Neilsen
Judith Neimkin
Donald O'Brien
in memory of Lawrence Olsen
Raimond Osborne
Richard Osborne
in memory of Stephen Pailet
in memory of John Pancoast, Jr.
in memory of Douglas Pardee
Jane (Pasolli) Edmondson
Charles Payne, Jr.
Susan Peck
Robert Petitt
John Pigman
Valerie Plumb
Raymond Pollina
Jon Preslock
Louis Prince, Jr.
Douglas Pritchard
in memory of Gail (Quackenbush) Worster
Sarah (Quigley) Meyer
Kathryn Reed
Marilyn Reed
John Reveille (1964)
Marilyn (Ribbe) Swanson
Harrie Richardson
Gail Ritz
Anthony Rizzo
in memory of Lloyd Rock
Samuel Rosenblum
Joanne Ross
William Rudolph
Suzanne Sala
Francis Savage
Mark Schlageter
Christina Schmitt
Elaine Schrader
Maureen Sheehan
John Sheldon
Sarah Shonk
Cherylray Simpson
in memory of Ann Smaldone
Marilyn (Smith) Henry
Arthur Smith III
Susannah Sommerrock
Sharon Speck
in memory of Ruthann (Stack) Sirianni
Robert Stiles
Howard Stillman
June Strawn
Joan  Sullivan
Mary Swanson
Richard Tarrant
Carmen Tesauro
Janet Thaler
Jacqueline Tobin
Vincent Triolo
Ellen Turner
Hugh Turner
Barbara (Ulrich) Schiff
Frank "Duke" Vanderbeck
Carol VanDien
Paul Verrengia
Jean Voigtlander
Nelson Waite, Jr.
William Walker
Kathleen (Wallace) Arnold
Raymond Walter
Gail Waterman
Raymond Waters
Constance (Weiser) Barrett
Jack Westby-Gibson  (career link)
Jack Westby-Gibson (business)
Catherine White
Stephen White
Richard Willett
Thomas Williams
Grace (Winterburg) Sinclair
Bruce Woltman
Douglas Woltman
Kathryn (Wulff) Miller
Susannah Wulfhorst
Barbara Zachary
in memory of Judith Zarvos
Judy Zeiler

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Privacy Statement:  Please do not use this web site for anything but your own personal use.  Please do not "spam" (group unsolicited e-mail) the e-mail addresses listed herein.  This web site is designed and intended exclusively for the use of the Glen Rock, NJ High School Classes  and their families.
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